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Interested parties...


I'm responding to Jay's partnership proposal with a different twist of an idea.

My sailing vessel Osprey may be coming up for sale once again as I have had an offer accepted for on a larger boat.


As you know I've sailed my Lyle Hess designed 'pocket cruiser' throughout most of the lower Inside Passage and the previous owner sailed her once around Vancouver Island.


My new idea is this, I would entertain a partnership with other parties in Osprey and she could remain on the coast and be available to owners for cruising.


Before I go into prices and new upgrades for 2005 let me say that on the trailer with the mast up she was stored in a secure dry-dock yard in Blaine for $40 a month and easily launch-able. Or if it worked better, the yard owner would launch or recover her for me for $20 (each way). Pretty good when compared with the regular coastal morrage costs.


With $4,000 in new upgrades in 2005 and a full, new paint job sitting in the cans in the basement (yet to do) I was planning on keeping her for several more years.


Of course right after spending all that $$$ another boat comes along.

I'm going to put her on the market for $15,000 would consider holding a maximum of $5,000 as my partnership for 1/3 use, or adjust accordingly to number of more owners.


My process right now is scheduling a survey and sea trial for the potential vessel. If the deal goes through it will close mid June.


Attached is a spec sheet for Osprey.




PS I won't feel rejected if this doesn't fly, just an idea to share...