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What is the Rickey Point Sailing Club?
The RPSC is an nonprofit international club for owners and co-owners boats that are sailed on Lake Roosevelt in Northeast Washington State

What are the ideals?
* Boats should have sails.
* The simplest engineering solutions are best.
* We appreciate function over form, fact over fiction, and friendship over friction.
* Money is a tool, not a status symbol.
* We are people who like to sail & overnight aboard our boats.
* We maintain our own boats.
* We like to share time, knowledge, parts, and camaraderie with other Sailors.

Who can join?
Anyone willing to part with $25, and agrees with the Club Canons.

How do I join?
Everything you need is on the membership application.

Are Sail Boats better than Power Boats?
If you have to ask you are at the wrong web site.

Were any animals harmed to make this web site?
No animals were used for testing purposes. The web site is environment-friendly, organic, and 100% recyclable.




Above humor Pirated from The Airheads BMW Motorcycle Club